Commission 2: Gravity Field

IAG Commission 2: Gravity Field (2011-2015)

President: Urs Marti (Switzerland)
Vice President: Srinivas Bettadpur (USA)

Terms of Reference of the Working Groups

Joint Working Groups

JWG 2.1: Techniques and Metrology in Absolute Gravimetry (joint with IGFS) Chair: Vojtech Palinkas (Czech Republic)
JWG 2.2: Absolute Gravimetry and Absolute Gravity Reference System (joint with IGFS) Chair: Herbert Wilmes (Germany)
JWG 2.3: Assessment of GOCE Geopotential Models (joint with IGFS) Chair: Jianliang Huang (Canada)
JWG 2.4: Multiple geodetic observations and interpretation over Tibet, Xinjiang and Siberia (TibXS) (joint with Commission 3) Chair: Cheinway Hwang (Taiwan) (Homepage)
JWG 2.6: Ice melting & ocean circulation from gravimetry (joint with Commission 3) Chair: Bert Wouters (UK/USA)
JWG 2.7: Land hydrology from gravimetry (joint with Commission 3) Chair: Annette Eicker (Germany) (Homepage)
JWG 2.8: Modeling and Inversion of Gravity-Solid Earth Coupling (joint with Commission 3) Chair: Carla Braitenberg (Italy) (Homepage)
JWG 0.1.1: Vertical Datum Standardization (joint with GGOS, IGFS and Commission 1, description see GGOS) Chair: Laura Sánchez (Germany)

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