Commission 2: Gravity Field

IAG Commission 2: Gravity Field (2011-2015)

President: Urs Marti (Switzerland)
Vice President: Srinivas Bettadpur (USA)

Terms of Reference of the Sub-Commissions


SC 2.1: Gravimetry and Gravity Networks. Chair: Leonid F. Vitushkin (Russia) (Homepage)
SC 2.2: Spatial and Temporal Gravity Field and Geoid Modeling. Chair: Yan Ming Wang (USA) (Homepage)
SC 2.3: Dedicated Satellite Gravity Missions. Chair: Roland Pail (Germany) (Homepage)
SC 2.4: Regional Geoid Determination. Chair: Hussein Abd-Elmotaal (Egypt) (Homepage)
SC 2.4a: Gravity and Geoid in Europe. Chair: Heiner Denker (Germany) (Homepage)
SC 2.4b: Gravity and Geoid in South America. Chair: Maria Cristina Pacino (Argentina) (Homepage)
SC 2.4c: Gravity and Geoid in North and Central America. Chair: David Avalos (Mexico) (Homepage)
SC 2.4d: Gravity and Geoid in Africa. Chair: Hussein Abd-Elmotaal (Egypt) (Homepage)
SC 2.4e: Gravity and Geoid in the Asia-Pacific. Chair: Will Featherstone (Australia) (Homepage)
SC 2.4f: Gravity and Geoid in Antarctica. Chair: Mirko Scheinert (Germany) (Homepage)
SC 2.5: Satellite Altimetry. Chair: Xiaoli Deng (Australia) (Homepage)
SC 2.6: Gravity and Mass Displacements. Chair: Shuanggen Jin (China) (Homepage)

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